Statement from Pam and Mike Tompos

Pam and Mike Tompos smiling We feel strongly that access to higher education is important to students at our alma maters. To help bridge the financial gap for future UW-Stout students, we have named the University as a beneficiary of our retirement plans. When we are gone, a portion of the funds remaining in the accounts will be used to provide scholarships to students who otherwise could not afford to study at Stout. This method of making a "planned gift" to Stout gives us flexibility with our money during our lifetimes-and it's easy to accomplish. A simple beneficiary form provided by the plan administrator is all we needed to fill out, and no changes were required to our wills or other legal documents. We feel good knowing our legacy will help young men and women as they pursue their studies at UW-Stout.

Pam '85, '86 and Mike Tompos
Lakeville, MN